St. Martin goose

07.11.23 Events

Roast Goose of St. Martin


The Kitchen’s Greeting

Sliced goose salami by Jolanda de Colo’
Ocadella, Porcaloca,
Goose speck and cooked salami
Sweet and sour turnips

Riserva Gallo risotto with goose liver and black truffle from Norcia

Roasted goose stuffed with apples and scented with lemon
Roasted sweet potatoes and cabbage and onion roll

Pumpkin ice cream, chocolate powder,
and almond brittle

Osteria’s biscuits

Three-course menu CHF 89.00
Without appetizer or first course
Full menu CHF 105.00

Served: Friday 10th for dinner,
Saturday 11th for lunch and dinner, and Sunday 12th for lunch.