Today at the Osteria



Local egg 62°, vignarola,
sour cream and herring caviar
Fr. 24.00
Japanese amberjack tartare,
strawberry gazpacho, bruschetta with extra virgin olive oi
Fr. 29.00
Roasted Mediterranean octopus,
Spello chickpea purée, lemon and chilli pepper
Fr. 26.00
Ticino beef tartare,
buffalo burrata and kimchi
Mixed or green salad
with Italian extra virgin olive oil dressing
small Fr. 18,00 large Fr. 22,00
Pork cold cuts
Salami, coppa, raw ham and pancettone
Fr. 25.00


Bottoni pasta “cacio e pepe” and home smoked trout
Fr. 29,00
Riserva Gallo Risotto
with morel mushrooms and green asparagus from Ticino, min. for 2 people
Fr. 28,00
Durum wheat cavatelli,
white bean cream, mussels, confit tomatoes
Fr. 25,00
Risotto or taglierini with Alba white truffle
according to availability, price according to quota of the day
Erminio’s risotto, traditional from Seseglio
with saffron, mushrooms, chicken livers and Merlot reduction, min. for 2 people
Fr. 26,00
Bronze-drawn fettuccine
with white pork ragout and red cow Parmesan
Fr. 26,00


Ceresio pikeperch fillet in potato crust and green asparagus
Fr. 45,00
Mixed sea fish in a Mediterranean stew flavored
with basil
Fr. 48,00
Grilled Scottish lamb medallions,
yoghurt, potato pie and baked peppers
Fr. 52,00
Two-cooked Bresse pigeon,
cherry sauce and browned new potatoes
Fr. 55,00
Whole fish according to the market,
in salt or Mediterranean style, about 1 kilo, min. for 2
Fr. 58,00
Classic saddle of Alpine venison
Buttered spätzli, mixed mushrooms, glazed chestnuts, pear and apple in wine,
caramelized grapes, braised red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cranberry jam.
Cut at the table, served twice and for minimum 2 people,
only from october to december subject to availability or reservation
Fr. 78,00
Bresse duck lacquered with honey
and Valle Maggia black pepper, subject to availability or reservation
Double Emmental veal cutlet,
morel mushrooms sauce, snow peas and mashed potatoes, min. for 2 people
Fr. 59,00


Italian and local regional cheeses are offered depending on deliveries and stage of ideal ageing, accompanied by mostarda (pickled candied fruit), fruit and honey; p.s.q.
4 pieces Fr. 20,00 6 pieces Fr. 30,00


Chocolate terrine 70%,
mint ice cream and iced raspberry
Fr. 15,00
Pistachio parfait and bitter chocolate flakes
Fr. 14,00
Pink rhubarb crème brûlée
Fr. 18,00
Crunchy millefeuille,
lemon cream and Candonga strawberries
Fr. 15,00
Homemade ice creams and sorbets (3 scoops)
Fr. 12,00
Homemade ice cream and sorbets with liqueur
Fr. 18,00
Baked cake of the day
Fr. 12,00
Baked cake of the day, with ice cream
Fr. 15,00


Provenance of meats – Switzerland, poultry – France, Switzerland, Italy, game – Austria, unless otherwise specified. We choose to cook using fresh local produce from organic farmers.

Hospitality and helpfulness


Do not hesitate to contact us for reservations and more information. We will be happy to satisfy all your requirements.